Broker Dual Ownership for Listings

*Note: This feature is only for clients that have a Preferred Listing product*


Brokers have a number of options for how their Preferred office’s listing information displays on One of the display options gives you control over your listings’ branding, allowing you to decide whether you would like to display the brokerage/office’s information, the agent’s information, or a combination of the two on properties.

To get started, you'll want to log in to your office account and select the Account drop-down in the top right corner of the screen. From there, click “Office Settings.” You can also select the "Settings" button in your Office Account.



Once you’re in the office settings, scroll down to the "Dual Ownership on" section. This is where you can select how you want the branding information to display. You have 4 options to choose from: displayed below.

1. Enable Dual Ownership: NO - (This is the default setting)



This option will only display your office information. The listing agent will not be shown.





2. Enable Dual Ownership: YES



A. Dual Ownership; Show Your Agent's Name and Photo. This option will display the listing agent’s name and photo in association with the office information.


B. Dual Ownership; Show Your Agent's Name, Photo and Phone Number. This option will display the same as above with the addition of the listing agent's phone number on the listing.


C. Dual Ownership; Show Office Information Prominently. This option will only display your office information. The listing agent will not be shown.

If the "Dual Ownership; Show Your Agent's Name, Photo, and Phone Number" option is selected, you also have the choice of whether or not the office phone number displays on the listings. This option is great if you want to include the office's contact information alongside the agent's.


Dual ownership is important for branding your office and agent listings. Making sure that the correct info is available on each listing is key to insuring timely follow up. We have a number of other pages and videos to help walk you through setting up your office account. Learn more about Broker Settings and Importing Agents.

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