Team Accounts

Team Accounts offer Agents and Brokers the ability to create custom Team Profiles to display on It also offers different routing options within the team to assign out leads received via the team profile. Agents have the option to opt in to a team account, and brokers can create teams of agents from their existing agent roster.

You can create a team profile or start a team from your agent roster by going to the "My Account" drop down in the top right corner of your Homes dashboard.

Select the "Team Account" for agent teams or "Office Settings" for the Broker option.







Select the "Team Manager" for Brokers; this will take you to the team manager dashboard.



Once you're in the Team Manager click on the team you want to edit. In the team dashboard click on Settings, you can change fill out all the team contact information such as your team name, assign a team leader, and add additional agents to your team.


The team name can be edited at the top of the Team Settings section. Be sure to include a suffix, e.g. group, team, agency etc. You can also change the team leader here. The team leader manages the team profile and adds agents to the team.

You can put in the agents email address for agent level teams, or pull from your roster of agents for a Broker created team. Each agent invited will be able to either accept or decline the invitation to be part of the created team. If they accept, they're added to the Team Manager and the lead routing options. 

From here you can change if the agent is accepting leads, upgrade them to an administrator (granting them the ability to make changes to the team profile), or remove the agent from your team. 

Team lead routing options are also available, the options include having leads go to the team leader to assign out, offering leads to agents marked as accepting leads, or forward all the leads to a specific agent. If you choose "Offer To Team Members Accepting Leads" then the lead will be sent to all agents marked as accepting leads at once.

There are two types of leads that will route into a Team Dashboard:

  • If a lead comes in from the team profile
  • If a lead comes in from a non-preferred listing on of an agent within the team

Leads that go to the agent directly, not to the team:

  • If a lead comes in from a preferred listing, it will go directly to the agent.
  • If a lead comes in from a paid advertisement, it will go directly to the agent paying for that ad.
  • If a lead comes in from a paid Homes Connect Agent Website, it will go directly to the agent paying for the website.

Once all the team members have been added and the lead routing options set up, you can have your team account go live by going to the top of the page and selecting "click here," and confirming you'd like to activate the team.

From here you can setup your Team Profile with a team photo, a team bio and so forth, just like you'd set up a regular agent profile on 

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