Business Intelligence - Website Statistics Report

NOTE: This report is only available to customers with a website.

The Website Statistics Report gives you analytics about website traffic, views, usage, and more.



Hover over each series to focus on stats for This Week, This Month, or This Year.

  • This Week = Prior Sunday to Current Day

  • This Month = First of the Month to Current Day

  • This Year = First of the Year to Current Day

Click/tap on a series to hide one and focus on another, see the example below where This Week has been hidden to focus on the stats for This Month and This Year


About The Report

Click/tap the "Learn more" link to extend the help text that explains the stats viewed on the page.

Report Downloads

You can save and download the reports easily. There is a CSV and PDF version. The PDF version will produce a report of what is currently being viewed on the screen.



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