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City Sponsor is a valuable way of promoting your active listings on search results pages and displaying your contact information which is only one click away from Google. These ads put your brand in front of active buyers in your area.

For more information on the City Sponsor product itself, please see refer to the article City Sponsor.

If you already have City Sponsor, this article will outline the reporting feature within your Connect Dashboard.

After signing into your account, you will find the Business Intelligence section from the main menu.2019-05-02_1019.png

This report gives you an overview of your City Sponsor activity on You have the ability to filter which cities will show, however, the top five cities will show automatically.

The reporting itself does not contain information until after the first 30-days of your subscription but should look like this once it starts reporting activity.


You can adjust the month, year, and areas in question, so that you may see how each area is performing and when. This report will show you how many impressions each city advertisement has received so far in the current month as well as how many clicks each ad has received. A click is recorded if any link on the advertisement is clicked on.

Report Downloads

You can save and download the reports to print easily. There is a CSV and PDF version. The PDF version will produce a report of what is currently being viewed on the screen.


For more information about the City Sponsor product, please see the article City Sponsor.

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