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Agents can request endorsements from clients they have worked with. Those endorsements will then display on an agent’s profile and Homes Connect Website if they have one.

Requesting An Endorsement

To get started log into your Dashboard and click on the menu in the top left. In the drop-down menu click on 'Your Profile' and then ' Endorsements'.


Or click on the ' Endorsements' tile on the main page of the Dashboard.


From the Dashboard, you will be able to send an invite to past clients, colleagues, and friends to write an endorsement. You will also be able to manage your top specialties and manage any endorsements that were submitted.

Click on ‘Request Endorsements’.


Start typing to select contacts from the Contact Manager or manually enter an email address. You may use the default message or customize it before sending. Your name in the signature is part of the default message.

Hit ‘Send Request(s)’ when done and confirm.

After sending, the agent will automatically be returned to the Endorsements page.

Once the endorsement request is sent, the contact(s) it was sent to will receive an email like this:

From this email the contact will click ‘Endorse Agent’ to submit their endorsement.

Submitting An Endorsement

The contact will be taken to a page where they will be walked through the 4 step process of submitting an endorsement.

Step 1: If only an email address was entered, that will be prefilled. When a contact is selected from the Contact Manager, First Name, Last Name and Email will be prefilled.


Step 2: The contact can select from a list how you assisted them. The contact will also be asked to enter the City, State and Zip.


Step 3: Specialties
The contact can select as many specialties they want to endorse you for. You have control on what specialties what want to be endorsed for.


Step 4: The contact can describe in detail their experience working with you. The endorsement is limited to 1000 characters.




Approving Endorsements

Endorsement Received:


After an endorsement has been submitted, you will receive an email notification to view and approve the new endorsement. Click on ‘View Endorsement’ and you will be taken to your Dashboard to approve the endorsement. You will be prompted to log in.


Once logged in, you can approve or remove the endorsement.

When approved the endorsement will display on your Profile and Homes Connect Website if you have one.



Specialties is a completely new feature that allows you as the agent to show, at a glance, what you do best!

There are 3 essential specialties that are always active:

  • Communication
  • Local Expertise
  • Professionalism

Including the essential specialties, there are a total of 34 specialties.

You can edit your specialties to focus on your area of expertise. This is a predefined list. You can opt to show or hide these specialties. At this time you will not be able to add different specialties.

When you have been endorsed for a specialty, in the dashboard, you will be able to view how many times you've been endorsed for that specialty and who endorsed you.

Endorsements are more conversational. If an endorser doesn’t have much to say or feel a little shy, they have ways of communicating how an agent helped them with other options so they don’t feel pressured to write a very long statement.


Filter Endorsements


From the dashboard, you will be able to filter their endorsements and view by:

  • All Endorsements
  • Active Endorsements
  • Pending Endorsements

Active Endorsements are endorsements that have been approved and will display on Homes Connect Websites and the profile.

 Pending Endorsements are endorsements that have been submitted but are pending approval and will not display until approved.

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