Dual Factor Authentication Sign In

For added security, a Dual Factor Authentication process has been added when you sign in to your Account from an international IP.

1. Enter username and password



2. Verify Your Identity


You can select whether you want a one-time verification code emailed or sent through text message. If selected, a code is sent to your phone number or email address. These will be the Mobile Phone and Primary Email from your account.


3. Receive One-time Verification Code Email Or Text


The text message will read: 334973 is your verification code for your account. It's active for 10 minutes. If not used right away you will need to request another.


4. Enter Verification Code


Verification codes expire after 10 minutes. If the verification code has expired, you will have to Request a New Code. If the verification code is invalid, for example, you will be prompted to enter the code again.




If there are more than 10 requests from the same IP in an hour, a CAPTCHA will come up.




5. Remember Computer/Device


If you opt to remember your device, you will not have to go through the verification process again the next time you sign in from that same IP and device. If you do not want your device remembered, you will have to go through the verification process each time you sign in.


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