Rental Beast FAQs For Listing Agents


What does Rental Beast do?

Rental Beast is a real estate tech provider dedicated to simplifying the leasing process for real estate agents, landlords, and renters. Subscribers to the Rental Beast platform can access Rental Beast’s powerful productivity and client generation tools, and the nation's most comprehensive database of rental properties.

Rental Beast has partnered with to allow potential tenants direct access to Rental Beast’s online rental application engine, Apply Now. With Apply Now, applications are processed quickly and securely while keeping the real estate agent in the loop.


Where do potential tenants access and begin the Rental Beast application process?

To begin the application process, potential tenants will click the “Apply Now” button next to any non-apartment rental listing on The potential tenant will be guided to a page to enter their contact information and, if applicable, their roommate(s) information. 

Confirmation emails are sent to all parties and the applicants are invited to complete and submit their online rental application. 


Apply Now button on a listing




How do I know when someone has applied?

The listing agent is kept informed of every step of the application process. Potential tenants are automatically notified when the landlord has received their application and when a decision has been made. 


How do I access the applications that are generated from my rental listings?

When an applicant fills out their contact information on a rental property on, the listing agent receives an email from Rental Beast prompting them to log in or create a free Rental Beast account.

Once signed in, the listing agent can designate reviewers and see the status of all applications in real time.


Listing agent application dashboard on Rental Beast



Who is able to see an applicant’s credit information?

In most cases, only the landlord or property manager can view credit reports, criminal records, and background information (as applicable). If a property owner has authorized a listing agent to review applications and make application decisions, the listing agent will be able to review reports after confirming fiduciary authorization.


How much is this going to cost me? 

Apply Now is free for listing agents.


How much does the applicant pay?

All tenants applying through pay a $49 application fee. Rental applications remain valid for 30 days from the original date of submission. This means tenants can apply for more than one property right away, or in cases where an initial application is not accepted at no additional charge.


Rental Beast Opt-Out Contact Information

For clients that wish to opt-out of Rental Beast, please have them contact:



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