Preferred Listings: Broker Level Settings

Priority Settings

The settings below are used to determine how the available slots are automatically or manually used to designate listings as preferred. Please choose one option below from either Automatic or Manual Mode. Any undistributed slots left Available will follow the Automatic Mode selection chosen to select preferred listings from the Office. *An agent will always be able to override these settings if they purchased their own preferred listings slots


 Automatic Mode

  • Random Rotation (Default) - Available slots will be used to select listings at random. Every 24 hours a new set of preferred listings will be selected.
  • Highest Priced Listings - Available slots will be used to select listings with the highest price
  • Newest Listings - Available slots will be used to select newest listings

Manual Mode

Manually determine which eligible listings will be marked as Preferred. All listings selected will be marked as Broker Preferred. Slot Distribution will be hidden when this option is selected. The Manual Selection preferred listing setting does not allow you to manually distribute slots, Offices will have to use PL Manager to individually select listings which will use Office's unassigned slots.

Daily audit of user count of Preferred Listings that are sold/canceled/ unused slots will be re-assigned based on user selected Preferred Listing setting. If the Preferred Listing setting is manual the unused slot will be returned to unassigned Preferred Listing slot count to be reassigned.

Slot Distribution Settings

Offices can assign Free/Paid Slots to Agents and those Agent's listings will be marked as Broker Preferred. Preferred Listing slots can be assigned to individual agents based on the total Preferred Listings assigned to the Office. If your office has more unassigned slots than listings those slots will remain unassigned until listings become available.

Evenly Distribute Slots

If you select to evenly distribute slots, there will be a daily rebalancing to take into account new agents and terminated agents. If slots are unable to be distributed evenly any remaining slots will be left in the available slot pool until there is enough to be distributed evenly.

Manual Slot Distribution (default)

The default option will be Manual, but no slots will be assigned to Agents. They will remain in the Office's unassigned Preferred Listings to follow whichever Preferred Listing Setting option has been chosen.

You can manually distribute Preferred Listing slots throughout the office based on current availability. If your Office has less agents than the amount of slots you possess your Preferred Listing slots will remain in your unassigned PL Slot Availability count until the Office retains new agents and is able to manually assign slots to those agents.


 You are also able to lookup agents manually to assign Preferred Listing slots. The search box is capable of searching by first name, last name, or profile ID.

You will be able to enter a numeric # into the box to add slots. If you attempt to add more slots to an agent than you own the + will disappear making them unable to update. Changes to slot distribution will be saved using update button.


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